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    • June 29, 2024
    • 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Boise State University, Interactive Learning Center (ILC), Room 203 or join us via Zoom!
    Intention: This workshop is designed primarily for new graduates from MSW Graduate Schools who are in, or planning to get into the clinical side of social work as first jobs. This may be a period of time when they are asking themselves the title question. It should also be useful for all clinical social workers who are reflecting on career development, feeling isolated and, perhaps wondering what professional life is like for other clinicians. It will also be helpful for clinical supervisors to stay attuned to the struggles of young clinician just beginning the work.

    Description: This workshop features a panel discussion from clinical social workers at five different levels of professional experience from an emerging LMSW to an LCSW with over 50 years of experience in mental health and three other LCSWs with varying levels of professional experience in between. Each will present on the challenges, joys and lessons learned at this point in their careers with plenty of time allotted for participant reflections and Q&A.

    Presenters with Learning Objectives:

    Nicole Letinsky,  LMSW

    • Identify the key resources necessary to develop competence as an entry level clinical social worker.
    • Discuss the importance of support: organizational, professional, and personal.

    Joshua Brandt, LCSW

    • List the six different systems that affect clinical practice for new clinicians.
    • Describe the impacts of these systems on the development of competent clinical practice.

    Naomi Johnson, LCSW

    • Discuss the critical role of curiosity as a guiding light and anti-burnout strategy in client care ad professional development.
    • Describe the connection between new professionals and clinicians at various stages of their careers to instill encouragement, hope and determination as they enter their career paths.

    Edward Plies, LCSW

    • Describe the necessary elements that will sustain and promote a viable professional self to last a life time.
    • Describe the internal contamination that can occur when confronted with harm caused by the organizations to which they belong.

    Charles S. Pohl LCSW, CGP (Certified Group Psychotherapist)

    • List the existential benefits of becoming a clinical social worker.
    • Describe the impact of the free market economy on the development of clinical social work practice.
    • Describe and list the essential basics of clinical social work practiceand state the reasons for maintaining this focus in early clinical practice.
    • July 17, 2024
    • 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
    • Clairvoyant Brewing, 2800 W Idaho St, Boise

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